Configuration, Control and Maintenance Platforms

Public transport transit data is transferred to and from the displays via our cloud-based server. Data transferred through our system is secure, backed-up and accessible all the time.

The unique and proprietary Control and Maintenance Platform is specifically designed to remotely monitor the status of each individual display.

It is possible at any time to know what each individual display is showing, in real time, and to manually modify the screen.

DataINFOMOBILITY team of software engineers and developers are capable of customizing the interface platforms as well as data transmission protocols to adapt the system to the needs of each individual bus operator or traffic management company.

Our engineers can assist clients during all phases of the system installation and integration with the bus operator's databases and platforms, offering unique and tailor-made solutions.

Features and Advantages

The interface is relatively simple and intuitive to operate with.
Very small processing power is required to send the data.
Complete set of technological tools providing a reliable infrastructure
The use of XML and JSON protocols allows for functionalities to be added while maintaining compatibility with earlier versions
A Cloud-based software means that data is encrypted, secure and device-independent
The software has been extensively tested in thousands of different conditions and circumstances