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E-paper display technology for a compact, light and interactive signage system designed to offer a comfortable reading experience in both dark and bright conditions



FSTN solar power display bus stops

 Transflective FSTN display for extreme temperature conditions. Direct sunlight enhances the screen readibility. Maximum performance in terms of energy efficiency and readability.


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Large bistable display with exceptionally high readability in any light and weather condition. Exceptionally low power consumtion, easy and fast installation

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TFT solar power interactive infopoint

TFT color display based on the latest technology that optimizes readability. It can be used for any type of message including videos, maps, advertisement, etc.



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TechnologyBistable LCDTransflective FSTNE-Paper (EPD)Transflective TFTEnhanced TFTLED
Colours2216 Grayscale16.7million16.7million16.7million
Active area Size (inches)25"x8.11"18"x7"13.3"8.3"x6.2"28"30.3"x10.2"
Operating Temperature-10C/+80C 14F/+176F-25C/+80C -13F/+176F0C/+50C 32F/+122F-25C/+80C -13F/+176F-25C/+80C -13F/+176F-25C/+80C -13F/+176F
N. Displays3 (horizontal)2 (vertical)1111
Energy Consumption≈0.5Wh(0.04Ah)≈1.1Wh(0.09Ah)≈0.6Wh(0.05Ah)≈2Wh(0.17Ah)≈9Wh(0.7Ah)


Common Features

We have designed all our displays with the following common features:

Energy Consumption

The display systems components and the software that governs them are designed to utilize the least amount of energy possible. Our most efficient system has set the following records:

  • Average Energy Consumption: up to 0.5 Watts/h
  • Total consumption: 11.8 Watts per day
  • Battery Efficiency: 85%
  • Autonomy without any sunlight: up to 36 days



Wireless Connectivity

All our displays are equipped with a smart embedded wireless module with networking capability:

  • Cloud-based software 
  • 3G/GSM/GPRS/Lorawan Communication
  • Full support provided for system installation, operation and maintenance




Our display systems are designed to ensure the best protection against vandalism. The screws of the enclosure are designed to be opened only with a custom tool.

An integrated 3 axis accelerometer senses when the system is moved or shaken and is integrated with an alarm system, which can be directly connected to a police/control station or be programmed to automatically send a text to a mobile phone number.


All our systems come equipped with a built-in audio capability, which plays, in one or more languages, predefined messages in order to help visually impaired people or foreign visitors.

The audio feature is developed to improve the mean sound pressure level and optimize voice output.

Optional Features

We can equip our display systems with the following Optional Features, upon client's request:

  • Humidity sensors to control anti-fog procedures
  • Anti-Vandalism alarm
  • Advance "Text to Speech" audio function 



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