Real Time Information
Displays designed for outdoor visualization of buses arrival information. They can also be used to display other messages (local events, advertisement, tourist information, weather and environmental data...).


Solar-Powered Solutions
Energy austerity is influencing every facet of infrastructure asset management. There is a growing market for off-grid clean energy systems for environmentally-friendly, smart cities around the world.


Remote Control
Our System and Software engineers have developed cloud-based solutions to remotely control and monitor each individual display, through embedded modems with networking capability.



DataINFOMOBILITY, an Italian engineering company with an established international experience,  designs, develops and manufactures innovative real-time passenger information systems. All of our digital display systems offer easy and fast installation and are internationally appreciated for being long-lasting, low-maintenance and reliable.

"We’ve successfully worked with DataINFOMOBILITY for over 3 years. There are not many companies that we have that solid of a relationship with and it’s due to the integrity of everyone at DataINFOMOBILITY and we are happy to recommend them to anyone."

Managing Director, Ardan Projects Ltd. Israel

We are devoted to quality, innovative solutions and environmental protection.


High Quality Reliable Technology

Virtually maintenance-free devices

Fast Installations

No connection to the power grid is required

Installation in Jerusalem