Solar power sign bus stop


Solar E-Paper display

E-Paper technology

E-paper displays reflect light, like paper. This makes them very comfortable to read, and provide a wider viewing angle than most light-emitting displays.


Equipped with interactive buttons for enhanced user experience. A front light ensures a comfortable reading experience in any light condition.

Light and Robust

eTime design is extremely light and compact. At the same time its casing is ruggedized for outdoor use and is protected against vandalism,

 LookUp Jerusalem are self-sufficient on solar power alone, requiring as low as 0.5Watts of energy per hour. The unique display technology offers infinite stand-by time even when sunlight is not available. Only in the brief moment when the displayed text or image is changed the system needs energy. 

Energy is only required to change the displayed image. No backlighting is required, only ambient light from the surrounding is needed. Readability when under direct sunlight is excellent and good contrast from viewing at very wide angles are possible.




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