Efficiency in Extreme Climates

Robust and Efficient

Operational at extreme temperatures (-20C to +80C) with an energy consumption of 1.1Wh

Modular Design

Modular design principle: individual displays can be combined as per the client’s specifications

Bright and Brilliant

Enhanced user experience as the display becomes bright, brilliant and very visible in sunlight

Displays based on Transflective FSTN display technology can operate in more extreme climates. No backlight is needed when the LookUp FSTN system is exposed to sunlight, because the display becomes bright, brilliant and very visible. 

At night or in cloudy conditions, a high-efficiency backlight is automatically turned on by an environmental light sensor. Moreover, Transflective FSTN technology significantly improves contrast and viewing angle for superior visibility. 

LookUP FSTN systems reflect and transmit light. With a light sensor added for control of the backlight, it can be read over a wide range of illuminance levels.



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